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Polished concrete.

Polished concrete is an understandable favourite as it has a hard-wearing elegant finish. It can be done with varying levels of stone exposure and varying degrees of shine. This image here has a high level of exposure, which means you can see a lot of the aggregate (stones) and they are fairly large.


Polished concrete can also be finished with varying levels of shine, from a matt finish which is not very reflective, to a 1500 grit finish which has a high shine. This job is finished to 800 grit. Grit refers to the roughness of the sanding pads and the amount of "grit" or rough points per square inch. The higher the grit, the finer and shinier the polish finish is.


Polished concrete is such a versatile finish that it can be used in many different spaces, from office buildings, kitchens, patios, even walls and garages. For slip-prone areas, a lower shine, or even a grind and seal could be the best option. Please check out our gallery to see more of the work we have done.

© Oh Yeah Floors Pty. Ltd. Established 2016

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