2021 Flooring trends

With 2021 just around the corner, we want to help you keep your home up to date with the latest flooring trends. The following are trending strongly going into the new year.

While carpet continually stays a popular choice, hard floors are trending big time!

With vinyl and hybrid being the leading two competitors, polished concrete, tiles and engineered timber still maintain their own niche in the market. Stone and wood look are all the rave with natural looks and textures winning in popularity.

Cool tones, greys and light natural colours remain a favoured choice with a higher demand for Australian timbers. 2021 is also about being unique, so expect to see showcasing of creative and interesting patterns with variations of size and colour.

If we had to pick a top flooring choice for 2021, vinyl flooring would take the cake!

As technology advances with time, vinyl is beginning to look closer than ever before to natural stone and wood looks. Add to that the ease of install, cleaning and maintenance and you have a clear winner. Not only do we anticipate vinyl flooring to remain in top place for 2021, but it will likely stay there for many years to come.