Stylish and comfortable, carpet continues to be a timeless option for all homes, whether modern or classic. With its insulating and noise reducing qualities, contemporary carpet brings a balance of practical and stylish without compromising on quality.

When choosing your carpet, it is important to know what kind of carpet is best suited to your wants and needs. Cut pile twist and loop being the main two styles of carpet.

cut pile twist carpeting image

cut pile twist

Cut Pile Carpets are made by cutting the yarn loops which creates an upright pile, giving a more soft, luxurious look. Cut Pile Twist styles have varying heights, fibre density and twists. Cut Pile Twist have some great, highly durable options to suit all preferences.

loop pile

Loop pile is just as it sounds, it is made from multiple loops of yarn. This allows for a stylish finish and texture and opens up possibilities of a range of different patterns by using a combination of short and tall piles. Loop pile is highly durable and has the benefit of less tracking (seeing footprints).


carpet fibres

Carpet fibres are also an important factor when choosing the right carpet for your home. Synthetic fibres have come a long way over the years and have given natural fibres such as wool a run for their money. The variety in modern synthetic fibres gives you the best of quality, durability and affordability whilst still keeping the luxurious feel of wool. Wool will always be a favourite however when looking for a more natural option.

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