Stylish, cost-effective and durable, vinyl is a popular choice of flooring for many reasons. It comes in an array of colours and patterns to suit any palette, which makes it easy to find a colour to compliment your design. It is made in both plank and sheet versions and each has its own strengths and uses.


Planks are a favourite as they are available in many realistic timber patterns and are easy to install on a variety of floors, including on top of ceramic tiles. Planks are also easy to replace if for some reason one gets damaged.

sheet vinyl

Sheet vinyl is often used as a quick budget-friendly solution for rental properties or for giving a place an instant face-lift.

Vinyl’s durability can be measured by the wear-layer on the surface of the vinyl. This is a thin, clear, coating that ranges from 0.03mm in residential vinyl to 0.07mm for commercial. It doesn’t sound like much, but it would take thousands of footsteps to start wearing that away. A lot of people select vinyl with a commercial wear layer as they want the confidence that it will stand up to rough treatment, but a domestic wear layer is sufficient for regular household activities.

Vinyl is also popular for its ease of cleaning. It requires minimal maintenance once installed. Sweeping, or vacuuming with a hard-floor vacuum head are fine. To mop it requires a damp, not soaking wet, mop or microfibre. Spills and drips are fine, but avoid flooding the floor.

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