Concrete Grinding

concrete grinding

Concrete grinding is utilised for many purposes in the flooring industry, from preparing the sub-floor through to the final finish. A few of the most common are listed below.

floorcovering removal

In some cases, new flooring can be laid over the top of existing flooring, such as over ceramic tiles or old vinyl. But if this existing flooring is damaged or unstable it might need to be removed. A combination of a jack-hammer and a grinder is used to remove ceramic tiles, and a combination of a floor-stripper and a grinder is used to remove existing vinyl.

Oh Yeah Floors has a wealth of experience in these techniques and we have the latest equipment to ensure we complete the job in a timely and efficient manner.

floor prep

Concrete grinding can be used effectively to prepare a floor to receive its new covering. That preparation may involve the removal of adhesives or residues left over from previous floor coverings, or it may require a flattening or levelling of the concrete or tiled floor.

Some commercial rentals require you to bring the floor back to bare concrete if you have had carpet or vinyl installed as a tenant; a light grind all over with our machines will fulfil that requirement too.

grind & seal

A grind and seal of bare concrete is becoming more and more popular due to it being durable, environmentally friendly, easy to clean and low maintenance.

It is easy to achieve great results with this both indoors and outdoors, and can provide a quick, cost-effective tidy-up of a drab or stained area. The concrete is ground using diamond-studded pads and it can then be sealed with a variety of products such as sealers, paint, epoxy and slip resistant finishes.



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